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Best Vacuum Cleaners Of 2018

Best Vacuum Cleaners Of 2018

HOTOR 4th Gen Car Vacuum, DC 12V Car Vacuum

Top Features:


  • Refund your money or replace the vacuum 
  • Stronger Suction
  • Innovative Design
  • Stainless Steel HEPA Filter


It’s portable and light weight, I can store it in my car. It works with a cigarette lighter, the cord is long enough to reach the back of my minivan, very convenient. I try all the attachments that come with the cleaner. The most I like is the brush. I use it to clean the floor and dirty seat under my kid’s car seat, it works great

The suction power is extremely great. It can suck up any busters I want to clean in my car and I am able to vacuum my whole car as it has a nice long power cord. It’s a really good quality build and feels exquisite. I love the little built in LED light at the top of the handle. It acts as a really torch. It comes with a nice storage bag so it’s perfect for keeping it stored inside my boot! There are also 3 useful attachments for different purposes.

This HOTOR 4th Gen Car Vacuum definitely meets my needs in the following aspects:
1. Excellent Suction for sucking crumbles, sands, hair and tiny pieces of trash.
2. Easy to clean with two modes: Quick Cleaning and Thourough Cleaning.
3. Potable and convenient to reach every corner of my cars.



LOLLDEAL 12V 75W Black Car Vacuum 

Top Features: 

  • Powerful & Portable Car Vacuum
  • Convenient & Long Cord 
  • Washable & Removable HEPA Filter
  • Muti-function & Safe Car Vac.
  • Hassle Free Customer Service


It comes with a case and two heads. One for hard to reach places and a brush head. It plugs in your car and has an extra long cord to reach vehicles that have a 3rd row. My one year old spilled and entire cup of dry Cheerios. I drive an Infiniti QX80 and it is so hard to clean in between the seats. This thing is AMAZING!!!!! I used the attachment for tight spaces and it was sucking up Cheerios from places I could even see


The cord long enough so if it’s plugged in on your dash, it’ll reach to the backseat (in an SUV). This is a kid-car must. Sucked up my kids’ goldfish and raisin piles in their carseats, and most of the crumbs and sand on the car floor. Won’t get the same suction/look as a power shop-vac, but perfect for quick clean ups


– Looks appealing
– Acceptable size (not too big, nor too small)
– Lightweight
– Easy to use and straightforward to empty
– Fair price for all that’s included

Pros: (In addition to what’s mentioned above)
– Comes with a nice bag to keep everything together and clean
– The variety of attachments is excellent. It’s nice to have different nozzles to use on different spots.
– Can use with or without the hose attachment
– Plugs right into any 12 volt power outlet (which every vehicle has at least one of, to my knowledge)
– Great suction and it picks up well!
– Doesn’t lose suction power (unlike cordless designs, as the battery depletes)
– Because it uses power from your vehicle, you can even keep it inside your vehicle incase you encounter messes on the go

– Really the only con that I can think of is that my bag came with a broken zipper. It wasn’t put on quite right, and so the zipper wouldn’t actually close. I was able to fix it with some sewing (and I’m not even great at sewing).

All in all, I would purchase this again. I highly recommend it if you:
– Have kids
– Have pets
– You’re a smoker (cigarette ashes)
– Eat in your vehicle




Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner

Top Features: 

  • Great Suction 
  • Multi-functional Car Vacuum
  • Stainless Steel HEPA Filter 
  • Easy To Operate



This Hikeren car vacuum cleaner is worth every single penny. Its very handy, came with a bag for storage. I put this in my trunk and use it whenever I need it. And its very compact it only take little space in my trunk. The vacuum has very strong suction, cleans my car very good. It came with 3 attachments, 1 brush, 1long hose and 1 short hose. These attachments can reach different spots in my car and clean thoroughly.


The electric cord is long, I drive a SUV and it can reach all the way back to my trunk from my driver seat. And most importantly the filter is made with stainless steel, this help me save money from replacing the filter. I just rinse with water, its reusable. Now I don’t have to worry about going to gas station for vacuum cleaner, I can take out my own car vacuum and clean my car anytime!


This car vacuum packs a punch when it comes to cleaning your car. It’s powerful enough to pick up pebbles, plywood splinters, leaves, and sand. Ya- it’s been a while since I cleaned my car. I used mostly the crevice wand because the suction was more defined. The brush was good for dash but seemed like it lost suction for rug cleaning.