Monday , March 18th 2019
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Best Hitch Steps Of 2018

Best Hitch Steps Of 2018

Bully BBS-1102 Black Bull Series Utility Hitch Step

Top Features:

  • Provides easy access to SUV interiors
  • Made from 16-gauage steel
  • Measures 18” wide and 3” in diameter
  • Non-slip, high-impact step pad

I would not leave the driveway without one of these. Know why? Just price a bumper and when you are attacked from behind by a cell phone user, it really screws their front bumper and grills up. It definitely has saved some wear and tear on my knees from getting in and out of the truck bed. I also appreciate the curved edges. Anyone who has ever busted their shin on a receiver hitch knows what I’m talking about.

No hassle, what you see is what you get with this product. Had one on my van that saved the rear end when I backed into a pole, so I knew they can save your rear end. That one did get bent but I kept it on for 6 years. Good price, good quality.

I pretty much want to make sure the driver hits this before they crash my tire into my rear tailgate.  I like being able to adjust the depth when I’m not using the step I push it all the way in towards the car. One thing that I wasn’t included in the description is that it doesn’t come with a 5/8 inch hitch pin.




Go Rhino D360T Textured Black Powder 

Top Features: 

  • Anti-rattle device
  • New punched aluminum step pad
  • Dual step for hard-to-reach storage areas
  • Manufactured of the highest quality steel



Step fits and looks great. It feels sturdy enough to take some serious abuse from behind. The box came in tatters, and the ‘bag’ was a lost cause too, but the unit was in good shape. You can  put it on and secure it using the Connor trailer hitch lock and the wobble tool that came with the rhino, and it looks awesome. I put it in as far as I could, last hole of there. There’s about 6-8″ between the exhausts, depending on how you measure them. The rhino sits just barely above the exhaust ports if you’re looking at it from a distance.

If you got rear ended by an inattentive millennial. This part will be destroyed but you will not have a scratch on the bumper. Think of it as a $100 deductible instead of a $500 one. Particularly if you live in a no fault state.

Overall a well built hitch step. My only complaint is the spacing between the bar and the bottom step. It’s much shorter than it looks in the pictures. I can’t fully fit my foot between the bottom step and the bar. So it makes the bottom step less useful for me





AMP Research 75306-01A Bedstep

Top Features: 

  • Features precision, stainless steel pivot pins
  • Anodized and coated to resist corrosion
  • Rigid, non slip, glass reinforced composite step pad 
  • Simple 10 minute no-drill bolt-on installation
  • 300 pounds load capacity



All components seem to be made of high quality materials, are well made, and very well designed. All parts fit together perfectly. Once installed, the step is unobtrusive, yet easy to deploy and retract, with just a slight touch of one’s foot. It feels solid and easily holds my weight. (I weigh just over two hundred pounds.) It doesn’t shake or wobble, either stepping onto or off of it.

Installation is very easy, as long as you have all the tools required; a torque wrench is required to ensure the four mounting bolts, and the three step bolts, are properly tightened, without being overly torqued.

As for its intended use, it makes getting into, and out of, the bed of our truck much, much easier, especially since it is a 3500 and the bumper, as well as the bed of the truck, are so high off the ground. Getting out of the truck required me to jump off the tailgate; eventually I was going to misjudge the landing and hurt myself. Now that the step is installed, I can easily, and safely, enter and exit the bed of the truck, as well maintain my dignity while doing so!