Saturday , February 16th 2019
    Best bumper guards and bumper covers offers online

Best Bumper Guards Of 2018

Best Bumper Guards Of 2018

BumpShox XL – Front Car Bumper Protection

Top Features:

  • Designed to be taller and wider
  • No protruding metal parts
  • Sleek appearance

I own a Toyota car and I have a monthly parking spot near my office. One fine day, I picked up my car from the parking area after work, and just as I was about to get in, I noticed a HUGE scratch in the paint across the entire front bumper. So, while on my way to home, I took my car to different garages, looking out for the restore the bumper (of course at an economical price) but, the estimates were too high.

Regardless, I decided to pay the money and to take a proactive step in preventing any further scratches and scuffs on my bumpers. But by a coincidence, I saw an advertisement for the bumper protectors at the garage and I drove back home and enquired about the bumper guards online.

Then I found Black Bumper Protectors, for less than half the price of the repair at the garage. I purchased the same after considering the features of the bumper protector with regard to my car. Since I live in a city, wherein the weather shifts frequently, I found the weather foam material very much suitable for my car and also the Velcro straps which were quite adjustable enabling to cover the whole of the trunk.

I have already been asked where did I get it and I share my joy with others so I say to other potential buyers to buy this black bumper protector.



GOLD EDITION Bumper Bully Extreme

Top Features:

  • Will not crack or rust like metal
  • Recessed screw design
  • Sleep angle gives sleek appearance
  • Flex-FIN extender


I joined my high school last month and my parents gave me a new Toyota Camry and as I’m sure you know, teenagers aren’t exactly the most cautious drivers. My parents forbid me from driving to school until I found something to protect the bumpers of my car. I looked around and all I found were those common bumpers which they put on cabs. Then a girl in my school told me about Luv Tap Bumper Guards. They have the stylish look coordinated with full protection covering the entire bumper. I could finally find a bumper guard, which don’t look hideous and do the same job. Now I get to drive my car to school.

I waited for a long time to write a review. I’m very satisfied with this product, it fits and looks perfect on my car. It has been through hot and very cold days, survived the winter which was pretty bad, tons of snow and rain and this thing holds up everything. Just be really careful and follow the instructions when you install it and it will last a long time.